James Fleming, M. Ed.

Family Reunification Manager


James Fleming Headshot.jpg

James J. Fleming, Jr. M.Ed. joined the CASA DC team in 2020; originally from the gritty streets of New York City, James has over 20 years of experience supporting, mentoring, and empowering communities impacted by systemic barriers. After receiving his undergraduate degree from St. John's University in Psychology and earning his Master's Degree from Mercy College in Urban Education, James pursued a career as an educator in the NYC Department of Education.


After spending several years as a classroom teacher, James made the transition to the non-profit sector to focus on one on one engagement with youth from marginalized communities; supporting their character development, academic achievement and helping them see their full potential. Fast forward to the year 2020 and James finds himself in The District continuing his pursuit of equity, liberation, and community empowerment as the manager of the Family Reunification program.


During his spare time, James enjoys driving and just vibing out with his family, binge-watching psychological thrillers and anime shows, fine dining at the local carryout, and just being a silly "girl dad". 

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