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Commitment to Equity and Diversity

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CASA for Children of DC is committed to promoting an environment of inclusion and respect. While we recognize that we are a part of an inequitable society, we strive to build equity within the CASA community wherever possible.


CASA DC will not discriminate against volunteers or clients (youth or families) because of race, religion, sex, national origin, ethnicity, age, physical disabilities, political affiliation, sexual orientation, color, gender identity characteristics or expression, or marital status. 

We recognize that diversity, equity, and inclusion may be new topics to volunteers. CASA DC’s pre-service training provides volunteers with a greater understanding of practicing these values and building a respectful culture. 

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 LGBTQ+ Friendly Resource Guide for the DC Area

All resources listed below have specialized support for LGBTQIA individuals or have demonstrated allyship and compassion for LGBTQIA needs:

  1. Advocates for Youth

    1. Address: 200 M St NW, Suite 750

    2. Contact: 202-419-3420

    3. Website:

    4. Supports - Communication; Families

      1. Training, workshops, and supports for communicating effectively about sexual health, including improving parent/youth conversations

  2. Children’s National Medical Center Youth Pride Clinic

    1. Address: 111 Michigan Ave NW

    2. Contact: 202-476-5744

    3. Supports - Families, Medical Care, Mental Health & Therapy

      1. Provides primary and specialty care, in addition to mental health services, to lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and questioning/queer (LGBTQ) patients aged 12 to 22

      2. Family therapy and education on LGBTQ issues for families

  3. Children’s National Medical Center Gender and Sexuality Program

    1. Address: 111 Michigan Ave NW

    2. Contact: 202-476-5758;

    3. Supports - Evaluation, Families, Medical Care, Support Groups

      1. Evaluation, individualized care, and medical support when a child is developing their gender identity, in coordination with community professionals

      2. Support groups and services for youth and families

  4. La Clinica del Pueblo

    1. Address: 2831 15th St NW

    2. Contact: 202-462-4788

    3. Website:

    4. Supports: Medical Care, Latinx services, Support Groups, 

      1. Health care services, including HIV testing

      2. Youth Center for Latinx LGBTQ youth

  5. Metro DC PFLAG / DC Center for the LGBTQ Community

    1. Address: 2000 14th St NW, Suite 105

    2. Contact:

    3. Website:

    4. Supports: Activities, Families and Allies, Support Groups, Skills

      1. Monthly Support groups, third Monday of each month 7-9pm, for parents, friends, and allies of the LGBTQ community

      2. Regular events for LGBTQ+ individuals including book clubs, support for job seekers, support for LGBTQ People of Color, holiday activities, discussion groups, and more

  6. SMYAL

    1. Address: 410 7th St SE

    2. Contact: 202-546-5940

    3. Website:

    4. Supports: Activities, Mental Health, Support Groups

      1. Counseling and mental health support for LGBTQ youth

      2. Leadership opportunities, after-school programs for LGBTQ youth

      3. Education and training for youth service providers

  7. Whitman-Walker Health

    1. Address: Several locations in DC

    2. Contact: 202-745-7000

    3. Website:

    4. Supports: Activities, HIV support, Families, Medical Care, Legal, Mental Health, Support Groups

      1. Health, social, education, mental health, and sexual health/prevention programming for young people 13 - 24

      2. Activities for LGBTQ youth including leadership training, poetry, movie nights, and game nights

      3. Individual and group therapy for youth; peer support opportunities; trauma-recovery; art therapy

      4. Outpatient substance use services

      5. Support for youth and families living with HIV

      6. Legal services to address barriers for LGBTQ individuals

  8. allconnect- Bridging the Digital Divide 

    1. Contact: 844-370-6952

    2. Website:

    3. Supports: Mental Health, LGBTQIA+ youth, Online Safety

      1. Connects with online community spaces for LGBTQ+ youth​

To make a CASA youth referral, please click here

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