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Undocumented Refugee Minor Program

In January of 2015, CASA began working with Unaccompanied Refugee Minors (URM) that are in foster care. For refugee minors, the State Department identifies children overseas who are eligible for resettlement in the United States, but do not have a parent or a relative available and committed to providing for their long-term care. Upon arrival in the U.S., these refugee children are placed into care and receive refugee foster care services and benefits.


CASA volunteers that are assigned to a URM youth provide support, not only culturally, but in providing assistance in minimizing the daily stressors that may occur as they assimilate to living in the U.S. CASA volunteers provide their youth opportunities to practice their English as at times it may be difficult to express their worries and concerns.  Through positive experiences CASA volunteers and their youth build a relationship that continues to grow as the young person adjusts to his or her new environment.