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Statement regarding current events

CASA for Children of DC is heartbroken and grieving over George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery, Tony McDade, Dion Johnson, Sean Reed, and every person of color murdered by a system of racism and violence. We say their names, and we remember them. We see them, and we recognize the systemic racism that affects the lives of the children and families we serve every day. We acknowledge that over 80% of the youth CASA DC serves are Black. Systemic racism is woven into the disproportionality and generational trauma that is rampant in this nation. We recognize, too, that CASA DC's staff and volunteers are diverse. We come from different levels of privilege and intersectionality. Some of us have benefited from the very systems of privilege by which others have been oppressed. We are always striving to do better. We are working to offer more robust training around race, diversity, and equity. We are exploring workshops for our youth to engage in conversations around justice. We will be sending resources to all of our volunteers to ensure they, their youth, and their families are supported during this time. CASA DC speaks from a collective voice of pain, anger, and frustration. We call out this injustice and call out for change. The core mission of CASA for Children of DC is to raise our voice to advocate for a better future and better outcomes. We are committed to change in ourselves, and we demand systemic change in this country. Today, we raise our voice to affirm that Black Lives Matter. The lives of our children and families matter. We raise our voice to condemn hate, oppression, and white supremacy. We raise our voice to advocate for justice and change.

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