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How Court Appointed Special Advocates Support Trauma-Impacted Youth

Our Chief of Staff, Allison, wrote a wonderful piece for the Catalogue for Philanthropy  regarding how Court Appointed Special Advocates support trauma-impacted youth. In her piece, she talks about how our CASA volunteers employ a strength based approach in order to apply resilience, positivity, and pragmatism to better support the youth we serve through a trauma informed lens.

Here is a short excerpt from the piece: "When CASA for Children of DC hears trauma, we think about the trauma of youth who have experienced childhood abuse and neglect. We think about the trauma of foster youth who have been removed from their homes, separated from their family, their friends, their community. We think about the cycle of trauma that may have led to an abusive or neglectful home. [...] But we think too, about resilience – the ability to overcome trauma. [...] We think about what we can do, as an organization, and a community, to build resilience in our youth.”

A big thank you to Catalogue for Philanthropy for publishing this piece; to read it in its entirety, follow the link to Catalogue for Philanthropy’s website here.

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