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Arika Orozco appointed to serve on National CASA/GAL's Urban Leadership Council

Washington, DC – June 2020 - CASA for Children of DC announces the appointment of Arika Orozco, Executive Director to the Urban Leadership Council of the National Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA)/Guardian ad Litem (GAL) Association for Children.

Serving a two-year term, Orozco, along with child welfare leaders from across the nation, will

play an integral role in voicing the unique needs of more than 950 local programs that make up the National CASA/GAL network. In 2019, the National CASA/GAL network, with its

approximately 93,300 volunteers, served more than 271,000 children who have experienced

abuse and neglect. With more than 400,000 children in foster care on any given day, the

leadership council will focus its efforts on ensuring that the network achieves its mission of

serving all children through best-interest advocacy.

“The Leadership Councils are a vital part of our initiatives to serve more children in the foster

care system, while continually improving their outcomes,” said Tara Perry, Chief Executive

Officer of National CASA/GAL Association for Children. “We are thankful to have Ms. Orozco

share her expertise as we seek to move our mission and vision forward on behalf of all children who have experienced abuse or neglect.”

Ms. Orozco, MSW, has been with CASA for Children of DC for over a decade, serving as Senior Program Manager and Chief of Staff before her role as Executive Director. In her career dedicated to youth, Ms. Orozco previously worked as a social worker for DC's Child & Family Services Agency and with immigrant and refugee families at Mary House. Ms. Orozco received her undergraduate degree in Political Science at Texas Tech University and earned her Master of Social Work degree at The Catholic University of America.

“I am so honored to be appointed to this significant national role,” said Orozco, Executive

Director of CASA for Children of DC. “Court Appointed Special Advocate volunteers provide one-on-one volunteer support to foster youth who have experienced abuse and neglect. Through that relationship they are able to be a consistent support for children and help guard against the impact of childhood trauma. Our volunteers advocate for the best interests of children in court and help to guide youth towards greater outcomes and brighter futures. I am looking forward to bringing the successes and challenges of serving youth in the District of Columbia to a collaborative network that will help us continuously improve the way we serve children in our


CASA for Children of DC has served court-involved youth in the District of Columbia since

2002. It is the sole organization in DC that provides court-involved youth not only with highly

trained advocates, but with the consistent support of a mentor-relationship.

About the National Court Appointed Special Advocate (CASA)/Guardian ad Litem (GAL) Association for Children

The National CASA/GAL Association for Children, together with its 950 state and local programs, supports and promotes court-appointed volunteer advocacy so every abused or neglected child in the United States can be safe, have a permanent home and have the opportunity to thrive. The National CASA/GAL Association for Children offers leadership and support to the network of programs and leads its continued growth.

For more information, go to: For more information on CASA for Children of DC, go to:

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