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An Occasion for Celebration: The Preparing Youth For Adulthood Commemorative Ceremony

Updated: Sep 25, 2019

The Preparing Youth for Adulthood currently serves 15 youth in foster care from the ages of 14-21. The PYA program is designed to address the needs of older youth who will be aging out of the foster care system. For each youth's 21st birthday, a Commemorative Ceremony is held to acknowledge their success and celebrate the new chapter of adulthood as they age out of the system. Invitations for the event are extended to the youth's Judiciary team and CASA volunteer. During the event, the youth are given care packages that include essential items for their home and a $100 gift card. The youth's team also uses this time to share their thoughts about their time working together and send well-wishes to youth as they enter into a chapter of independence.  

In our latest Commemorative Event, a CASA youth was celebrated by her CASA, Esther, GAL, Social Worker and CASA Supervisor Tashana Pulliam, MSW. The visionof the PYA program is to empower youth to create their own dynamic life plans, formulate their own objectives, and achieve individual goals on the path to adulthood and future success. Tashana, who manages the PYA program, commented that while she is always dismayed to see youth leave the system, she is proud of the work done in the PYA program to prepare them for their future.

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