Adam Weir, B.S

Data Analyst Intern

Adam moved to the Washington D.C. area after graduating from the College of William & Mary. Keen on making an impact in his new community, he reached out to CASA DC to offer the data analysis and visualization skills he uses in his full-time consulting position. Met with enthusiasm from the CASA DC Data Assessment program, Adam joined an exciting effort to enable data-informed decision making when it comes to assisting community youth. Adam is passionate in the belief that everyone should find the unique way they can contribute to their community and those around them. The ability to turn data into action (especially in a community health aspect) motivates Adam, making the Data Assessment program of CASA DC the perfect match for him. 


During his free time, Adam enjoys playing squash with anyone free and willing, reading books so he can tell people about them, talking about starting a company, and dreaming of moving to the West coast. 

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